Replacement Ikea Kitchen Doors

Quality doors made to fit IKEA kitchen cabinets to perfection

Our wide range of made to measure replacement kitchen doors are perfect for anyone wanting to lift the look of their IKEA kitchen. Perfectly cut to the required sizes, our doors are fully compatible with IKEA kitchen cabinets and are made to the highest quality.

To make things easier and to save you time, we've created a list of every possible IKEA door size. Find the perfect door to fit your kitchen cabinet and bring your kitchen to life. Simply enter the measurement that suits below into our custom measurement section on our product pages and choose your desired colour.

Our doors are not from IKEA, but are made to measure and fit IKEA kitchen cabinets.

Here is a list of door sizes that fit standard IKEA kitchen cabinets.

  • 197 x 797mm 
  • 297 x 597mm
  • 297 x 797mm
  • 397 x 397mm
  • 397 x 597mm
  • 397 x 797mm
  • 397 x 1197mm
  • 397 x 1397mm
  • 397 x 1797mm
  • 397 x 1997mm
  • 397 x 2197mm
  • 597 x 397mm
  • 597 x 597mm
  • 597 x 797mm
  • 597 x 997mm
  • 597 x 1197mm
  • 597 x 1397mm
  • 597 x 1797mm
  • 597 x 1997mm
  • 597 x 2197mm
  • 797 x 2197mm

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Customer Reviews

Fantastic service! Being able to select, view and compare different door styles and colours was an absolute dream to help us make a decision. Also, the ability to have a custom size made to measure suited us perfectly, with our non-standard kitchen doors. Top recommendation for anybody looking to buy top quality kitchen or bedroom doors online for a very acceptable price/quality.

James George

Kitchen door order

They are brilliant. Saves a lot of work to create a new look. We recently moved into a new house and wanted to update the kitchen as the cupboards were very dark. We came across Happy Doors which was so much cheaper than a new kitchen. The actual cupboards and work surfaces were in really good condition so it made sense just to replace the doors. It saved us so much money.

Lindsey Mchugh

Kitchen door order