It is important when your delivery arrives to follow these steps:

  • Check all boxes for any damage, however small the damage may be
  • Sign the delivery with the word damaged in place of your name on the signature screen (Note the delivery drivers often argue not to do this, please ignore them, it is because they might get in trouble. It has been agreed with the couriers this is the process to follow if a delivery is damaged)
  • Do not Reject the delivery, even if the driver recommends it (By doing so you may be charged for re-delivery)
  • Phone us to report the damage
  • Take photos of the packaged items and email them to within 24 hours of the delivery along with the photos from the step below (This step is very important)
  • Unpack all of the boxes, and check items for damage (If any), email us the list of damaged items and photos along with the photos of the damaged boxes to (Please note sometimes there is damage to outer packaging, but no damage to inside items, if this is the case then no need to contact us)
  • Relax, if you have followed these steps, we shall most likely be able to get you out a free of charge replacement

*Note – Failure to follow the above steps may result in being charged for any damaged replacements. All damage must be reported within 24 hours of the delivery, this is because we need to make a claim against the courier for the items within this time frame.