Why choose Happy Care?

The biggest worry we get from our customers is that they may measure their doors and drawers incorrectly.

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Easy Guides

Here at Happy Doors we can elevate that worry with our handy measurement guides and Happy Care.

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Great Protection

If you add Happy Care to your order it protects you from mis-measuring the size of your doors. We will provide a free of charge replacement within a tolerance 25mm on doors and 10mm on hinge holes.

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Common Mistakes

The most common mis-measurement we see is people not allowing a tolerance or door opening, for example if a unit is 600w, some people would presume to order a 600w door, where it actually needs to be 596w in order to open if next to other units. Or what if you have slipped with the measure while measuring a hinge, or miss typed the wrong size onto our website.

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It's A No-Brainer

So add Happy Care to your order and take away all the worry of measuring with the peace of mind that we will send you a free of charge replacement if you measure the door wrong.

Terms and Conditions Apply

  1. If you have paid for Happy Care on your order you will be covered for mismeasurements up to a tolerance of 25mm for doors and 10mm for hinge holes. I.e. if you order a 576mm wide door and it needed to be 596 wides, you are covered and a free of charge replacement will be sent.
  2. We will arrange for any mismeasured door to be collected if replacements are sent, this will be at our own expense
  3. If you have mis measured a door, you need to email a picture of the unit it is meant for with a tape measure across the width and height along with the measurements so we can ensure the replacement is the correct size.
  4. Cost difference, all replacements are free of charge, however if you go up to the next size costing you will be charged the difference as you would have originally been charged had you have ordered it correctly. We are unable to refund any cost difference that goes the other way.
  5. Refunds are not available for Happy Care once the order has been placed, even if you have not needed it due to ordering the correct sizes.
  6. Replacements can take up to 21 working days from notification to delivery. The Company shall do all it reasonably can to meet any date given for delivery of the Goods but will not be liable for delay however caused, nor loss, costs or damage suffered by the Buyer through any such delay. Time of delivery shall not be of the essence.
  7. Happy Care does not cover any damage to doors during transit.
  8. Happy Care does not cover any accidental damage to doors in any circumstance.