Trends 2023 - 2024

Written By: James Walton

If you’re looking for inspiration on the latest kitchen design trends, then let us update you on the key features and colours that are on the march in 2023, into 2024. 

From our expertise and experience in the furniture market, we can see the way design and colour is evolving, and so we can help to advise you if you are looking to refresh kitchen or bedroom cupboards.  We have designs and models to suit a wide range of budgets, and we can also offer made to measure sizes for you to plan or adapt your room in the way you want to. 



The integrated handle look continues to be a very popular design choice, with its sleek lines and clean finish, without the need for door handles. We are seeing this choice being selected time and again, in both matt and gloss finishes.  Our Jayline model is a great example. 





Narrow frames for the ever-popular shaker doors are thoroughly on trend.  Narrower frames give a more contemporary look to this timeless door design, particularly in matt or painted woodgrain style finishes.

Combining both of these two trends for integrated handle and narrow frame shaker, we have our Bella Elland Handless door, which makes for a statement refresh to your room. 





The colour trend for grey shades from the last few years has continued as a very popular choice, second only to the classic off-white shades such as Ivory or Satin White.  However, the darker impact colours of Indigo Blue, or green shades like Fir Green or lighter Kombu Green continue to rise in popularity.  Mixing impact colours with lighter tones across the cabinets, such as greys and greens, makes a real statement. If you are looking for the very latest colours, then a mix of matt blush pink and matt black are very striking, here on our Bella Chelsea model. 




Finishing touches

Complimentary trends to the room furniture from floor coverings and wall cladding are also evolving currently.  Wood panelling with vertical lines has moved from the stuff of design exhibitions to real room installations, adding the trend of mixing woodgrains and colours, while maintaining a uniform colour across your cabinets. 

If you’re looking to update your kitchen or bedroom in 2023, we hope this article has provided some inspiration. furniture design trends are changing every year, and if you’re looking for the most on-trend colours and designs, we will be happy to discuss these with you.  Just get in touch with our team.  

Why not start by browsing our range of replacement kitchen doors to find a colour that will inspire the rest of your kitchen or bedroom?  

Written By: James Walton