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Need Replacement Doors For Your IKEA Kitchen?

Written By: Simon Bonello

If we could wave a magic wand and let you know exactly what size doors you need without going through the hassle of measuring them, we'd have super muscley arms and even happier customers. Unfortunately, for now at least, the best we can do is offer a handy measurement guide and be at the end of the phone if you need help. That is of course, unless you have an IKEA kitchen.

Kitchen Door Measurement Guide

A list of IKEA kitchen door sizes

For people who are looking to replace their IKEA kitchen cabinet doors, we have created a list of all the standard cabinet sizes. After a quick check of your own IKEA doors you'll have the peace of mind to order a replacement without questioning your tape measure's accuracy. Not quite magic, but we think it's pretty close.

  • 197 x 797mm 
  • 297 x 597mm
  • 297 x 797mm
  • 397 x 397mm
  • 397 x 597mm
  • 397 x 797mm
  • 397 x 1197mm
  • 397 x 1397mm
  • 397 x 1797mm
  • 397 x 1997mm
  • 397 x 2197mm
  • 597 x 397mm
  • 597 x 597mm
  • 597 x 797mm
  • 597 x 997mm
  • 597 x 1197mm
  • 597 x 1397mm
  • 597 x 1797mm
  • 597 x 1997mm
  • 597 x 2197mm
  • 797 x 2197mm

Please note: Our IKEA door sizes allow for a 3mm gap for opening.


Written By: Simon Bonello