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Looking For Replacement Doors For Your Howdens Kitchen?

Looking to transform your kitchen at little cost and no hassle, then combining your Howdens kitchen cabinets with replacement kitchen doors is the perfect solution.

At Happy Doors, we have a wide variety of made to measure replacement kitchen doors that are perfect for anyone looking to revive their Howdens kitchen.

Our doors are perfectly cut to your required size, are compatible with Howdens kitchens and are easy to install.

To make things simple, we've created a list of all current Howdens door sizes for Wall Cabinets. Find a replacement door to fit your Howdens kitchen cabinet and transform your kitchen. 

All you need to do is enter the measurements you need into our custom measurement section on our product pages and choose your desired finish.

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Our replacement doors are not from Howdens, but are made to measure and fit Howdens kitchen cabinets.

Here is a list of standard Howdens kitchen Wall Cabinets, with corresponding door sizes for replacement kitchen doors from Happy Doors.

Howdens Wall Cabinets

Ready Assembled Wall Cabinet (360mm H)

The Ready Assembled Wall Cabinet, with a height of 360mm, comes in 10 sizes. 

  • Cabinet size 360 x 300mm requires one 357 x 297mm door
  • Cabinet size 360 x 350mm requires one 357 x 347mm door
  • Cabinet size 360 x 400mm requires one 357 x 397mm door
  • Cabinet size 360 x 450mm requires one 357 x 447mm door
  • Cabinet size 360 x 500mm requires one 357 x 497mm door
  • Cabinet size 360 x 600mm requires one 357 x 597mm door
  • Cabinet size 360 x 700mm requires one 357 x 697mm door
  • Cabinet size 360 x 800mm requires one 357 x 797mm door
  • Cabinet size 360 x 900mm requires one 357 x 897mm door
  • Cabinet size 360 x 1000mm requires one 357 x 997mm door

Ready Assembled Wall Cabinet (720mm H)

The Ready Assembled Wall Cabinet, with a height of 720mm, comes in 11 sizes. 

  • Cabinet size 720 x 300mm requires one 717 x 297mm door
  • Cabinet size 720 x 350mm requires one 717 x 347mm door
  • Cabinet size 720 x 400mm requires one 717 x 397mm door
  • Cabinet size 720 x 450mm requires one 717 x 447mm door
  • Cabinet size 720 x 500mm requires one 717 x 497mm door
  • Cabinet size 720 x 600mm requires one 717 x 597mm door
  • Cabinet size 720 x 700mm requires two 717 x 347mm doors
  • Cabinet size 720 x 800mm requires two 717 x 397mm doors
  • Cabinet size 720 x 900mm requires two 717 x 447mm doors
  • Cabinet size 720 x 1000mm requires two 717 x 497mm doors

Ready Assembled Wall Cabinet (900mm H)

The Ready Assembled Wall Cabinet, with a height of 900mm, comes in 11 sizes. 

  • Cabinet size 900 x 200mm requires one 897 x 197mm door
  • Cabinet size 900 x 300mm requires one 897 x 297mm door
  • Cabinet size 900 x 350mm requires one 897 x 347mm door
  • Cabinet size 900 x 400mm requires one 897 x 397mm door
  • Cabinet size 900 x 450mm requires one 897 x 447mm door
  • Cabinet size 900 x 500mm requires one 897 x 497mm door
  • Cabinet size 900 x 600mm requires one 897 x 597mm door
  • Cabinet size 900 x 700mm requires two 897 x 347mm doors
  • Cabinet size 900 x 800mm requires two 897 x 397mm doors
  • Cabinet size 900 x 897mm requires two 897 x 447mm doors
  • Cabinet size 900 x 1000mm requires two 897 x 497mm doors

Ready Assembled Bridging Wall Cabinet

The Ready Assembled Bridging Wall Cabinet comes in 2 sizes.

  • Cabinet size 279 x 1000mm requires one 276 x 997mm door.
  • Cabinet size 459 x 1000mm requires two 456 x 497mm doors.

Ready Assembled Appliance Wall Cabinet

The Ready Assembled Appliance Wall Cabinet comes in 2 sizes.

  • Cabinet size 394 x 600mm requires one 391mm x 597mm door.
  • Cabinet size 574 x 600mm requires one 571 x 597mm door.

Please note: Our Howdens door sizes allow for a 3mm gap for opening.