New Zurfiz Colours Launched

Written By: Simon Bonello

Today brings the launch of 5 stunning new colours to the Zurfiz family. Experience the ultimate in modern design with our stunning collection of made-to-measure Zurfiz doors, available in 29 eye-catching colors including ultragloss solids, stone and metal effects, woodgrains, metallics, supermatts, and brushed metal. 

Have a scroll and decide what your favourite new Zurfiz colour is. 

Zurfiz Supermatt Croma Blue

Zurfiz Supermatt Croma Blue Kitchen

Zurfiz Serica Matt Sage Green

Zurfiz Serica Matt Sage Green Kitchen

Zurfiz Supermatt Metallic Grey

Zurfiz Supermatt Metallic Grey Kitchen

Zurfiz Supermatt Cascade Sandstone

Zurfiz Supermatt Cascade Sandstone Kitchen

Zurfiz Supermatt Cascade Blue

Zurfiz Supermatt Cascade Blue Kitchen

If you are looking to buy one of these Zurfiz kitchen doors, or select another fabulous colour from the Zurfiz range, shop with Happy Doors today.

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Written By: Simon Bonello