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How to Incorporate Made to Measure Doors in Your New Utility Room

Written By: Veronika Galeva

Transforming an utility room into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space can be a rewarding project.

One effective way to enhance both the functionality and style of your utility room is by incorporating new cabinetry and made-to-measure doors. Custom doors offer a tailored fit, allowing you to maximise your storage options and create a seamless look.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to incorporate made to measure wardrobe doors into your utility room.

Made to Measure Doors for Your Utility Room

1. Assess Your Space

Before you begin, take a thorough assessment of your utility room. Measure the dimensions of the space where you plan to install new cabinets and custom doors. 

Consider the height, width, and depth of the area to ensure the cabinets and doors will fit perfectly. Accurate measurements are crucial for a seamless installation.

2. Plan Your Layout

Determine the layout of your utility room, keeping in mind how you will use the space. Decide where you want to place your cabinets, shelves, and appliances. 

Consider the workflow and how easy it will be to access items. This planning phase will help you decide the size and style of the wardrobe doors.

made to measure wardrobe doors

3. Choose the Right Made to Measure Doors Materials

Select materials that are durable and suitable for a utility room environment. Since utility rooms often deal with moisture and heavy use, opt for materials that are resistant to wear and tear. Popular choices include MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) with a high-quality laminate finish to withstand humidity, such as our Bella range. 

However, all of Happy Doors’ ranges are designed and tested to the relevant British Standards to be suitable for domestic installations and are backed by our 6-year guarantee.

4. Select a Made to Measure Door Style

The style of your custom-made doors can easily complement the overall design of your utility room, with a wide range of designs, styles and colours. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional style, made-to-measure doors can be customised to match your aesthetic. 

Consider options like shaker-style doors for a classic look or flat-panel doors for a sleek, contemporary feel.

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5. Order Your Made to Measure Doors

Once you have finalised the measurements, materials, style, and functionality, it’s time to place your order. Consider working with a reputable supplier, such as Happy Doors, who specialises in custom wardrobe doors.

made to measure doors

6. Prepare for Made to Measure Doors Installation

Before the doors arrive, prepare the area for installation. Ensure the walls and floor are even and clean. 

If you’re replacing existing doors, remove them carefully and check the frame for any necessary repairs. Having a smooth and level surface will make the installation process easier and ensure a better fit.

7. Install the Made to Measure Doors

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the wardrobe doors. If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, consider hiring a professional to ensure the doors are fitted correctly. 

Proper installation is crucial for the doors to function smoothly and last for years to come.

8. Add Finishing Touches

Once the doors are installed, add any finishing touches to complete the look of your utility room. 

Consider painting the walls in a colour that complements the doors, adding decorative hardware, or installing additional shelving inside the wardrobes for better organisation.

Made to Measure Doors from Happy Doors

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9. Maintain Your Made to Measure Wardrobe Doors

To keep your made-to-measure wardrobe doors looking their best, follow a regular maintenance routine.

Clean them with a damp cloth and mild detergent and avoid using abrasive cleaners that can damage the finish. Check the hinges and tracks periodically to ensure they are functioning properly and make any necessary adjustments.

For an in-depth maintenance guide, check out our helpful blog Replacement Wardrobe Doors: Tips, Tricks & Maintenance.

Made to Measure Wardrobe Doors from Happy Doors

Incorporating made-to-measure wardrobe doors in your utility room is a smart way to enhance the functionality and appearance of the space. With a bit of effort and attention to detail, your custom wardrobe doors will provide efficient storage and a polished look for years to come.

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Written By: Veronika Galeva