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Kitchen Design Trends For 2021

Looking to update your kitchen in 2021? Perhaps you’ve been longing for a statement kitchen island, a much bigger oven, or fresh new colour scheme. Or perhaps you have no idea, and you’re simply looking for some kitchen inspiration. Well, you’re in the right place.  

Kitchen design trends change every year, and 2021 will be no exception. Here’s the biggest design trends you can expect to see in homes next year.  

Compact design 

Whether your kitchen is small, narrow or oddly-shaped, compact kitchens have a work-around for any potential spacing issue. Modern kitchen designs look to become extra efficient and clutter-free. 

When kitchens are small, it is essential that the layout is carefully designed to make sure you’re utilising every centimetre of space in your kitchen. Compact kitchen design in 2021 will include tall wall units, swapping tables for kitchen islands, and turning awkward corners into clever storage.  

Hot water taps 

Hot water on demand is going to be a desirable item in kitchens in 2021. According to research into kitchen purchasing trends, almost 25% of new kitchens installed since 2017 had a boiling water tap installed, or were planning to have one put in their kitchens in the next year.  

This is definitely a trend we expect to see more of in 2021.  

Green cabinets, copper accessories  

Expect to see more green in kitchens in the coming years. We’re seeing stunning shades of deep and forest green appear in many kitchen designs.  

Take Kendall Jenner’s kitchen for example, which was recently featured in Architectural Digest, and American interior design publication. The kitchen cabinets are painted in a vibrant teal colour. 

Green can be an unusual colour, yet a dramatic and luxurious colour choice that is set to feature in many kitchens in 2021.  

Green shades can be balanced out by introducing wooden textures, marble surfaces and soft metallics. That’s why we’re seeing green cabinets often accompanied by trendy copper accessories (also featured in Kendall Jenner’s stylish kitchen!) 

We expect to see more warming tones of copper and even brass in modern kitchens in 2021, as designers try to enhance the popular green cabinetry trend.  

Dark surfaces 

Dark colours are viewed by many as purely an ‘accent’ colours, but more darker walls, cabinets and surfaces are enjoying their moment in the spotlight.  

Dark cabinets and surfaces can be offset with bright splashes of colour to give a modern and sophisticated vibe to any kitchen. 

Shades such as black and dark grey are more commonly being used to make a home feel more luxury and inviting. Mixed with wooden or rustic textures, it creates unique, homely charm. 

Colourful cabinets 

Although white kitchen cabinets are a classic that will most likely not go out of fashion, we are starting to see a range of colours creep into modern kitchens as homeowners experiment with bolder colours.  

We expect popular colours to be shades of blue and green as people opt for more nature-inspired colours. We expect to see some jewel tones too. Think black, rich greens and even purple! 

Expect to see lots of these dramatic shades in kitchens in 2021. If you’re looking for a range of coloured kitchen doors, view our range of replacement kitchen doors.  

Kitchen design trends for 2021 

If you’re looking to update your kitchen in 2021, we hope this article has provided some inspiration. Kitchen design trends are changing every year, and if you’re looking for the most modern kitchen in 2021 then it’s time to start making some decisions.  

Why not start by browsing our range of replacement kitchen doors to find a colour that will inspire the rest of your kitchen?