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How Much Value Does A New Kitchen Add To Your Home?

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s no wonder it’s the room that most buyers focus on.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’ll want to ask for the best price possible. 

To increase the chances of meeting your asking price, it might be worth investing in your current kitchen.

Does a new kitchen add value to my home?

It’s important that the price of your kitchen fits into the value of your home. If the aim is the sell the house eventually, you’ll want to make sure you make your money back.

There’s not much point spending £20,000 on a brand new kitchen if you’re property is in the £200,000 bracket, because you won’t see that money back.

Equally, putting a £20,000 kitchen in a £1.5million house, and you’ll end up dragging the value down.

Think carefully about the money you are prepared to spend compared to the value of your house.

Should I invest in a new kitchen?

Before you begin renovating your kitchen, it’s best to plan out exactly what is required. Identify how much of the work you can do yourself, and what should be handed over to a professional.

DIY can be a more cost-effective way to renovate your kitchen, but it can come with risks. If you’re simply replacing kitchen cupboard doors, or adding a lick of paint, DIY is probably the best route to take.

However, if you were planning a structural change, such as knocking through walls, we’d definitely advise recruiting a professional.

Also, make sure your new kitchen is in keeping with the rest of your home. If your other rooms are decorated in neutral tones, it might be best to skip the vibrant orange kitchen you were considering!

If you want to add value to your home, a rule of thumb is to keep your kitchen looking simple, stylish and clean.

How much money can a new kitchen add to your home?

According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RCIS), a new kitchen can add approximately 4% to the value of your home.

With the average house price in the UK around the £249,000 mark, that’s an extra £9,960 to the value of your home.

How to revamp your kitchen on a budget

1. Change the work surfaces

Kitchen worktops can see a lot of wear and tear, so it makes sense to change these. Changing the worktops in your kitchen can make the room look entirely new.

There are hundreds of low-costs alternatives to choose from, and many are ideal for DIY.

If you don’t want to change the entire worktop though, a bit TLC wouldn’t go amiss. Fill in any gaps around the sink with a waterproof silicone and use a silicone to protect from stains. 

2. Invest in new cabinet doors.

We’ve seen it a thousand times: if kitchen cabinets look outdated, the entire kitchen seems old-fashioned. Cabinet doors are among the top features you should considering changing.

The great thing about this is you can get away with simply replacing the kitchen doors, as the rest of the cabinets will most likely be in good condition, and won’t need to be ripped out. 

If you’re considering making this change, why not browse our selection of replacement kitchen cabinet doors.

3. Paint the walls

Another quick way to revamp your kitchen is to simply paint the walls. It might sound boring, but the simpler the better.

If you want to attract buyers, go for lighter shades, which create the illusion of cleanliness and space.

If you can’t stand the neutral colour scheme whilst you’re still living there, you can always add in some brightly coloured appliances – vases, kettles, toasters and anything else that you can take with you.

How much value does a new kitchen add to your property?           

There’s no denying that a brand new kitchen will add value to your kitchen, but whether the upheaval and cost is worth it is down to your personal circumstances.

If you do want to increase the value of your property though, you can still make improvements yourself. 

Opting for replacement kitchen doors instead will save you money, time and stress.

If you’d like more information about replacing your kitchen cupboard doors, get in touch today.