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Gloss vs Matt: Which Doors Are Best For Your Kitchen?

Every homeowner has their preferences when it comes to decorating their home. For some, it’s an easy decision when choosing between gloss vs matt finishes. However, this isn’t the case for many of us.  

High gloss kitchens have been a popular choice for many years. But the market has shifted towards a more subdued matt finish.  

Both styles work well in any kitchen. So, how do you choose the right finish for your kitchen? We’ve explained the difference between the two in this article.  

High gloss kitchen doors

High gloss kitchens typically create a sleek, stylish and modern look. Its reflective finish allows light to bounce off them, which can change the perception of how big a room is – like the way that a mirror would. 

Reflective surfaces in a gloss kitchen can make it feel larger and airier. This can work particularly well if your kitchen is on the smaller side.  

Here’s 3 reasons why gloss kitchen cupboards could be perfect for your kitchen. 

  • Gives the illusion of a larger space
    Gloss was originally very popular in small kitchen spaces. Because the light is reflected into the space, the kitchen will appear larger and brighter. Perfect for homeowners who have smaller kitchens.  
  • Makes kitchen look sleek and modern
    With a shiny finish and reflective surface, it’s no hard to see how gloss kitchen cabinets make a space more contemporary. White gloss kitchen cabinets ooze modern style.  
  • Easy to clean 
    One advantage of gloss doors is that it’s super easy to clean. For those everyday fingerprints and smudges, all you’ll need is a non-abrasive cloth and some water. 

Matt kitchen doors

The most on-trend kitchen design of the last few years has been matt. Its trademark dramatic tones and block colours have become a hit with homeowners everywhere, with a huge range of shades available.  

But why have so many homeowners been opting for matt kitchen doors? Here’s a few great reasons why matt might be the best choice for your kitchen.  

  • Even colour 
    Matt isn’t dependent on light. It features a solid, even colour on all sides. It doesn’t matter which angle you view the matt surface from, there will be colour 
  • Conceals imperfections
    Because there is next to no reflected light, imperfections such as fingerprints, smudges and stains are not as visible compared with other finishes, like gloss. It doesn’t mean that stains aren’t there - they’re just not as clear! 
  • Versatile
    A few years back, gloss worked best in modern kitchens and matt was more commonly seen in traditional kitchen designs. But this is no longer the case. So, if you love the idea of a modern kitchen, you can still opt for a matt finish! 
    In 2021, matt can be used in almost any kitchen style, traditional, modern or somewhere in between.  

Matt vs gloss

When it comes to choosing matt or gloss, ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Just remember to take into consideration your kitchen size and whether you’d prefer a more modern or traditional style.  

Matt and gloss are only the tip of the iceberg, though. Here at Happy Doors, we offer a range of replacement kitchen doors. If you want to change the style of your kitchen without having to redo the entire room, you can order replacement kitchen doors to get a completely new look.  

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