Choosing the right handles for your kitchen doors

With hundreds of different handle and colour combinations available to choose from, deciding on the right handles for your kitchen doors can be quite difficult. Make the right choice of handle and you’ll complement the style of your kitchen, while a poor choice can turn an otherwise stylish kitchen into a disappointment.

Things to consider

To help make your decision, you’ll want to take these few points into consideration.

Are you trying to achieve a modern or traditional look?

Think about this point to begin and it’ll give you a good idea of what style of handle you can vision fitting into your kitchen. This should eliminate a few handle options. For example, if you’re designing a modern kitchen, wooden knob handles aren’t going to do your kitchen any justice.

While style is nice, practicality is important

When deciding which handle will suit your kitchen the best, you need to keep in mind the practicality aspect. Is there anyone in your family or friendship group that may struggle to grip a small knob handle?

What material are your kitchen cupboards made of?

Consider what your door is made of – it’s important. If you have a high gloss door, a wooden handle will look out of place. To keep your kitchen design consistent, avoid mixing different types of wood and stick to the same handle across your kitchen.

Now that you’ve thought about those points, you can make a more calculated decision on which door handles to choose. Let’s get into a few types that are available.


The material of the knob can really be used to suit the style of kitchen you are going for. Choose a wooden knob and you’ll create a rustic look, perfect for a country design. Choose a chrome finish and you can create a luxurious, modern look. The knob handle is very versatile and can complete a wide variety of kitchens quite nicely. 

There are a few different styled knobs you can go for that can put a different spin on your kitchen, including.

  • Windsor knob
  • Crystal knob
  • Button knob
  • Bee hive knob

Bar handles

The great thing about bar handles is the practicality of them, choose a longer bar handle for those longer draws and cupboards and you won’t need multiple handles – perfect for a simple design. A bar handle can suit any kitchen style, just make sure the colours go hand in hand you won’t be disappointed.

At Happy Doors, a vast range of bar handles are available to order, from T-Bar handles in stainless steel, to flat bar handles in satin chrome.

Shell handles

Shell handles offer a vintage design like no other handle – these will certainly fit the look of your traditional kitchen. This authentic handle doesn’t only offer a lift to your traditional style kitchen but are easy to clean and very sturdy.

Bow handles

Bow handles are essentially fancier looking bar handles. They have been around since the 1930s but are still a very popular choice, especially for modern kitchens.

The chunky bow handles are great for comfort, and comfort isn’t something you should look past – think about how many times you open your kitchen cupboard doors on a daily basis. If you want a handle that scores highly in the looks and feel department, this is a fantastic choice.

Browse our kitchen door handle range at Happy Doors to find the perfect handle for your kitchen. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or queries, we’d love to help.