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The best colour for kitchen cabinet doors in 2019

When it comes to choosing the colour of your kitchen cabinet doors, there are so many options to pick from. If you are undecided and need help with choosing which colour will lift the look of your kitchen, take a look at what we have to say about the colour white.

From our experience, the popularity of white kitchens has risen to the point where it’s now the desired choice of colour for most homeowners. It creates a timeless, elegant look and opens up so many options when it comes to pairing with countertops, chairs, and other kitchen elements. In short, white simply looks great in any kitchen.

Advantages of choosing white kitchen cabinet doors

No matter the finish or shade you choose, white kitchen doors will always be a stylish choice for your kitchen. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to see when opting for white kitchen cabinet doors.

1. Freedom with creativity

With white kitchen cabinets, you create a blank canvas for the rest of your kitchen. You are able to use your favourite colours to create a perfect splashback, whether that be navy, green, grey or whatever floats your boat, you won’t have to worry about an ugly looking contrast. Paired with this, you can paint your walls or add accessories in bold shades to liven up the look and style of your kitchen without having to worry about it matching with your cabinets. They’re white remember – anything matches.

2. Bright is right

The white doors will reflect lights onto the ceiling, floor and walls of your kitchen, creating a lively, bright and open looking room. If your kitchen lacks access to natural lighting, white kitchen cabinet doors are the way forward.

3. So many options

The vast amount of edging options that white looks stunning with creates so many options to choose from, so you can create your perfect kitchen. Here’s a short list of our favourites:

4. White isn’t going anywhere

A common worry for homeowners when renovating their kitchen is that it may look outdated in a year or so. Luckily for you, white will always be trendy. So, in 2, 3 or 5 years time when you decide it’s time to sell your home, buyers won’t be put off by the look of your “out-dated kitchen”.

5. Cleanliness

No, choosing white doesn’t automatically mean your kitchen will score higher in the hygiene area, but it does help. White kitchen cabinets don’t hide dirt and food like black cabinet doors do and therefore, a white kitchen is generally cleaner. If homeowners can spot dirt easily, they’re more likely to clean better

Can you have too much white?

Yes, of course you can. An all-white kitchen including, cabinets, walls, floor, countertop, splashback, handles and anything else, doesn’t do the colour any justice. You need to add accents like grey or black or go bold with blue or green – something to warm the place up and make it a little friendlier. Find a nice balance between white and the other colour(s) you go for and you’ll be a lot happier with the outcome of your new kitchen.


If you are still unsure on which colour you want to choose for your kitchen cabinet doors, go for white. You won’t regret it. There is no other colour option that offers the versatility, creativity and life-span that white does.

If you have any questions or need help with your new kitchen, get in touch today, we’d love to help.