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The advantages of Shaker kitchen doors

The Shaker kitchen is the most well-known style of kitchen across the entire industry and is probably the most popular kitchen door of all time. But why? What is it about the Shaker kitchen door that separates it from the rest? You’ll soon find out.

History behind the Shaker kitchen

The Shaker kitchen was first invented hundreds of years ago (around the 1700s) by a religious group- unsurprisingly called the Shakers. Long story short, they settled in New York (moved from Manchester in England) where they made and sold furniture in order to support themselves. They quickly became known for their simple and firm designs, which they called the Shaker kitchen style.

The Shaker kitchen design

For a kitchen door to be considered an authentic Shaker style kitchen door, the design needs to be simplistic with clean lines. The minimalist approach is part of the reason why the Shaker style remains such a popular choice for homeowners.

Wilton woodgrain kitchen in Grey

What are the advantages of a Shaker kitchen?

1. Affordability

Working under a tight budget? Not a problem. With Shaker replacement doors, you can decorate your kitchen without braking the bank. They provide a great look to your kitchen while fitting into most homeowner’s budget - another reason why our customers at Happy Doors love the Shaker style so much.

2. Durability

The Shaker door is built from a sturdy MDF base and is finished with a 5-piece PVC wrap. They are built to last. Compare this to other materials available, the Shaker kitchen replacement doors are one of the strongest to date. They can withstand moisture build up, spills and the typical knocks and bangs that occur in the kitchen. If you are looking for a door that is long-lasting and stylish, the Shaker door is the door for you.

3. Modern or Traditional?

Not only is the Shaker kitchen door affordable and durable, its versatile. With a shaker kitchen, you get a classy and modern design to your home as well as a sense of traditionalism. And this is another reason this door is so popular, it offers that nice balance where it’s not too old fashioned looking but not extremely modern either.

4. The colour choice

There are no limitations when it comes to choosing a colour you like for your Shaker kitchen doors. The 32 different colour options could be quite overwhelming, but this helps when you’re looking for that perfect colour or shade to match the rest of your home.

four colour variations of Shaker kitchen

5. Trendy

If you want to ensure your kitchen is still looking stylish for the future, the Shaker style is a great choice of door. Future proofing your kitchen for when it’s time to sell your house is something a lot of people should think about - your kitchen needs to stay attractive to potential buyers. Go for a white finish and you’ll be future proofing your kitchen even more, it’s popular, trendy and will always be appealing to most people.

To wrap things up

It goes without saying, we are huge fans of Shaker kitchens here at Happy Doors. They’re trendy, affordable and durable. What’s not to love? 

If you have any questions about replacement Shaker kitchen doors then please feel free to contact us, we’d love to help. Already convinced the Shaker door is perfect for your kitchen? Buy our made to measure replacement Shaker kitchen doors today.