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5 tips to make your small kitchen look bigger

A common problem amongst many homeowners relates to the lack of space in their kitchen. With a few changes to colour choices, finishes and storage, you can make your kitchen fell much larger than it actually is.

Small kitchens are notorious for feeling cramped, and when you feel cramped, cooking and other activities can become a nightmare. Follow these expert tips to help transform your small kitchen into an airy space you’ll love spending time in.

1. Open wall storage does wonders

Traditional kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen feel small. Whereas, open wall storage offers plenty of storage space, doesn’t take up as much room and can look a lot cleaner (as long as you keep the shelves tidy).

Shelving and glass-panelled doors both offer the same benefits as traditional cabinets, while creating an open design. Ultimately, optimising wall space is key to making your kitchen appear bigger.

open wall storage in kitchen

2. Choose colours wisely

We always recommend to homeowners with smaller kitchens: white is the way to go. When paired with the right lighting, white can make the room appear bigger and brighter. Not a fan of white? Luckily for you, it doesn’t stop there…

Lighter colours also work well. Try pastel colours such as pinks, blues and even yellows. Don’t stop at the walls either, decorate your kitchen with lighter coloured accessories to complement the style and enjoy your new, bigger looking kitchen.

white kitchen with natural lighting

3. Flooring makes a difference

Flooring is often missed during kitchen makeovers. Many homeowners don’t realise the impact flooring can have on the overall look and feel of their kitchen. If a bigger looking kitchen is something you desire, large tiles finished with a light colour is your best bet.

kitchen with large tiled flooring

4. Don’t forget lighting

If possible, you want as much sunlight shining into your kitchen as possible. This creates an airier feel throughout the day time. Now, we understand this isn’t always possible, and that’s where lighting plays its part.

There’s no need to clutter your kitchen with unnecessary light fittings, especially with low or even standard ceilings. Integrated lighting can be used to flood the room with bright light, giving your kitchen that added sense of openness at any time of the day. Paired with this, try adding spotlights beneath your cabinets to add a welcoming glow to your prep space.

5. Say bye to clutter

Whether it’s scattered across your shelves, on the worktop or kitchen table, clutter is of the main culprits for making your kitchen appear small. Hide away your ingredients, cook books and utensils using drawers and a narrow larder. On top of this, organise and clean your shelves to help your kitchen appear more accessible and open.

Your kitchen doesn’t have to fell cramped. If you follow these 5 tips, you’ll transform your small, dark kitchen into an open and bright room that you’ll love.